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Fix version in spec
Make the portable packages build the right tag
Will change for 10.5.4, but quickfix for now
Merge pull request jellyfin#2478 from JustAMan/fix-search-order
Fix ordering of search results

(cherry picked from commit 0d9787d)
Signed-off-by: Joshua M. Boniface <>
Merge pull request jellyfin#2607 from joshuaboniface/fix-fedora
Correct BuildRequires and NodeJS for Fedora/CentOS

(cherry picked from commit ef4dfd4)
Signed-off-by: Joshua M. Boniface <>


Merge pull request jellyfin#2536 from dkanada/audiodb
Migrate AudioDB to use plugin interface
Bump version for 10.4.3
Bump version for 10.4.2
Fix missed backport change
This stupid file is back; looks like its location changed in .NET 3.0
versus .NET 2.2. Just revert it back to its original location.

Related to jellyfin#1859


Merge pull request jellyfin#1846 from jellyfin/EraYaN-patch-1
Switch to custom patched build for ffmpeg for the Windows installer
Bump version for 10.3.7