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OSX security related tools

  1. OSX collector - for forensic analysis
  2. OSX auditor - for forensic analysis
  3. MIDAS - Mac Intrusion Detection Analysis System
  4. Santa - binary whitelisting/blacklisting system
  5. Masochist - framework for creating XNU based rootkits
  6. Class-dump - command-line utility to dump Objective-C runtime information
  7. Mach inject - Inter process code injection for MacOS
  8. Task vaccine - similar to mach inject
  9. Hopper - Hopper disassembler (not free)
  10. Mach-O diff - mach-o diffing tool
  11. Mac4n6 - A collection of OS X and iOS forensic artifacts
  12. XGuardian scanner - Security Scanner for OSX
  13. Crashwalk
  14. PassiveFuzzFrameworks
  15. osquery - cross-platform tool for data collection and forensic analysis
  16. stronghold - Easily configure MacOS security settings from the terminal.
  17. BlockBlock - BlockBlock continually monitors common persistence locations and displays an alert whenever a persistent component is added to the OS.
  18. Dylib Hijack Scanner - Simple utility that will scan your computer for applications that are either susceptible to dylib hijacking or have been hijacked.
  19. KextViewer - View all modules on that are loaded in the OS kernel.
  20. KnockKnock - See what's persistently installed on your Mac.
  21. LinkLiar - Link-Layer MAC spoofing GUI for macOS.
  22. LockDown - Open-source tool for El Capitan that audits and remediates security configuration settings.
  23. MalwareBytes - Malwarebytes crushes the growing threat of Mac malware, so you are protected and your machine keeps running silky smooth. Cybersecurity smart enough for the Mac.
  24. OverSight - Monitor mic and webcam, alerting you when the internal mic is activated, or whenever a process accesses the webcam.
  25. RansomWhere? - Ransomware Detection.
  26. TaskExplorer - Explore all processes running on your Mac with TaskExplorer.
  27. What's Your Sign? - Adds menu item to to display the cryptographic signing information for any file.
  28. FSMonitor - Monitor all changes in the file system

iOS security related tools

A collection of ios security related resources

  1. IDB - iOS App Security Assessment Tool
  2. iRET - iOS Reverse Engineering Toolkit
  3. DVIA - Damn Vulnerable iOS App for learning
  4. LibiMobileDevice - A cross-platform protocol library to communicate with iOS devices
  5. Needle - iOS App Pentesting Tool

iOS Jailbreaks

Jailbreaking resources

  1. PhoenixPwn - Jailbreak for 9.3.5 32-bit devices.

Other Awesome Lists

Other amazingly awesome lists can be found in the awesome-awesomeness list.


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OSX and iOS related security tools




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