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Rust is a systems programming language created by Mozilla.
Capture the Flag
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Capture the Flag

May 06, 2020 - June 12, 2020 • Online

The GitHub Security Lab CTF is a contest where participants are challenged to find a security bug (the flag) in real code.
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Lean Board is a collaborative whiteboard with sticky notes which seamlessly connects with your GitHub issue. Login with your GitHub account, create a board for an issue and a snapshot of your notes is embedded in the issue automatically.

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MarinPostma commented May 4, 2020

Right now, the integration test use the movie dataset. This is an issue because this dataset is unnessecarily big for testing purpose and thus drastically slows down running the test suite. I suggest we use a smaller dataset (< 100 entries) to improve our CI time.

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Geethasaikrishna commented Apr 24, 2020

Text in the notebook: Our weights need to be improved. To do this, we take a few data items (such as images) that and feed them to our model

Issue : In the italic- highlighted text above, seems like word that is not fitting in context of sentence. Two probable cases, may be something is missed to be written after that or that is actually a typo

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mukulhase commented Feb 20, 2018

Documentation is now available here: here
It is generated from the source code. It would be really helpful if people who have already understood the API contribute by adding doc strings in re-Structured format to functions.

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LukeMathWalker commented Feb 8, 2020

A backend implementation in Rust using Tide as web framework and Diesel as ORM.
The project passes all tests in the Postman collection and comes with its own set of unit and integration tests, checked in CI.

Not really sure on the process: do you want to check the project first or should I open a PR to add it to README? 😄

Repo: http

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Build fast, deploy faster

Codefresh is a container-native CI/CD platform running on Kubernetes with embedded caching to provide maximum performance and high scalability.

Assemble pipelines in seconds

In Codefresh, every step in your pipeline is a Docker image, leverage the many out-of-the-box images available already in the codefresh plugins page to assemble your first pipeline or create your own custom steps using any Docker image.

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