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Demo Days - Tag an issue, deploy an application
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Demo Days - Tag an issue, deploy an application

August 21, 2020 • Virtual

An intro to deployments with GitHub Actions. Learn how to deploy an entire application framework with Terraform, Ansible, and Azure—just by labeling an issue.<br><br>Join the live stream at 11am PT
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Build fast, deploy faster

Codefresh is a container-native CI/CD platform running on Kubernetes with embedded caching to provide maximum performance and high scalability.

Assemble pipelines in seconds

In Codefresh, every step in your pipeline is a Docker image, leverage the many out-of-the-box images available already in the codefresh plugins page to assemble your first pipeline or create your own custom steps using any Docker image.

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A proposta do projeto é uma aplicação que possa ligar quem deseja aprender, com quer ensinar. É possível encontrar alunos para o que você leciona, ou encontrar o professor para aquela matéria que você sempre quis aprender mais! Sem que haja nenhuma limitação de área!!

  • Updated Aug 6, 2020
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Datree is a git-based policy engine.
It allows engineering teams to automatically enforce coding standards and security policies directly within their git workflow.

Datree connects with GitHub pull requests to provide automatic policy compliance checks and insights for every code change. Create and enforce custom or built-in policies, in the context of your dev stack.

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