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GitHub Virtual Meetup: Korea
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GitHub Virtual Meetup: Korea

June 11, 2021 - June 20, 2021 • Online

이에 한국깃허브에서 한국어를 사용하는 개발자들을 위한 첫번째 가상 meetup 이벤트를 발표하게 되어 기쁩니다. 이번 가상 meetup은 한국시간, 6월 15일 화요일 오후 19시에 진행 됩니다.
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Codacy is an automated code analysis/quality tool that helps developers ship better software, faster. With Codacy, you get static analysis, cyclomatic complexity, duplication and code unit test coverage changes in every commit and pull request.

You can use Codacy to enforce your code quality standard, save time in code reviews, enforce security best practices and onboard developers faster. Integrate with your GitHub repositories to get quality analysis of every pull request inside GitHub.

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dev-dull commented May 1, 2021

Describe the bug
When installing from ISO, the user is prompted for a cluster token. I had set satellite of love for my main server (gypsy; physical server) and two nodes (tom-servo; physical server, crow; virtual machine). The server/controller boots and is accessible as expected, but the nodes never successfully join.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Boot main ser
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dragon2611 commented May 5, 2021



  • Node config
    • Alpine (2x worker)
    • Ubuntu 20.04 (Worker/master)

Does Longhorn Require Bash?

Reason I ask is because I'd installed the following and remounted / as shared and whilst longhorn was running I couldn't get anything to mount if the pod was scheduled to the alpine node, longhorn would be showing attaching/detac

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jasonkuhrt commented Feb 6, 2021

I am intentionally making this issue specific but I assume it could be expanded to include much more of the API.


I do not have the entire Prisma Client API perfectly (let alone roughly) committed to memory.

When I go to use it to query for many results the operations tell me nothing about what and why they will do. I only have types to work with.

I don't want to open my br

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KevinClair commented Dec 10, 2020

Feature Request

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe

Is it nessary to support RocketMQ
  • Two ways to user it.
    • As a way to data sync from admin to bootstrap.
    • As a plugin to send mq message by request from bootstrap.

Describe the solution you'd like

Describe alternatives you've considered

Additional context

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GiedriusS commented May 27, 2021

Is your proposal related to a problem?

Replication is currently slow.

Describe the solution you'd like

tools bucket replicate could upload a few objects at a time instead of one by one

Describe alternatives you've considered

Copying the objects with some other tool but tools bucket replicate is way too convenient because you can use two completely different object st

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Build fast, deploy faster

Codefresh is a container-native CI/CD platform running on Kubernetes with embedded caching to provide maximum performance and high scalability.

Assemble pipelines in seconds

In Codefresh, every step in your pipeline is a Docker image, leverage the many out-of-the-box images available already in the codefresh plugins page to assemble your first pipeline or create your own custom steps using any Docker image.