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Action Hugo

v1.0-rc2 Pre-release
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Action Hugo

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Copy and paste the following snippet into your .yml file.

- name: Action Hugo
  uses: kevvurs/action-hugo@v1.0-rc2
Learn more about this action in kevvurs/action-hugo
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Action Hugo

Github action to build SSG with Hugo. The Go-based Docker image included in this action installs GCC, C libraries, and Git. Then it pulls a specific version of Hugo from the official repository. Hugo is built locally from source and installed via go. From the entrypoint script, the action will pull themes installed through git submodule prior to building. Finally, hugo executes the build command with optional arguments supplied to generate the static site.


If you like using the action and want to improve it, please submit a pull request. If you experience issues using this action in your workflow, submit an issue describing changes you may require.

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