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Factorio Mod Portal Publish

1.0.3 Latest version
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Factorio Mod Portal Publish

Publishes repos with Factorio mods to the Factorio mod portal


Copy and paste the following snippet into your .yml file.

- name: Factorio Mod Portal Publish
  uses: shanemadden/factorio-mod-portal-publish@1.0.3
Learn more about this action in shanemadden/factorio-mod-portal-publish
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GitHub Action to automatically publish to the Factorio mod portal

Builds and publishes tagged releases of a Factorio mod to the Factorio mod portal.


Currently, this action expects a flat repo structure with exactly one complete mod in the git repo (with a valid info.json in the repo's root).

It also expects tag names to match the Factorio mod version numbering scheme - three numbers separated by periods, eg. 1.15.0.

Non-tag pushes will be ignored, but when a tag is pushed that is valid and matches the version number in info.json, the mod will be zipped up and published to the mod portal using the required secrets FACTORIO_USER and FACTORIO_PASSWORD to authenticate.

An example workflow to publish tagged releases:

on: push
name: Publish
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    - uses: actions/checkout@master
    - name: Publish Mod
      uses: shanemadden/factorio-mod-portal-publish@stable
        FACTORIO_USER: ${{ secrets.FACTORIO_USER }}

FACTORIO_USER and FACTORIO_PASSWORD secrets should be valid credentials to the Factorio mod portal with permissions to edit the mod defined in info.json.

Be aware that the zip will be published and immediately available for download for users - make sure you're ready to publish the changes and have tested the commit before pushing the tag!

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