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CloudBees CodeShip

Fast, Easy and customizable

With faster feedback cycles, local debugging, build caching and customized environments, CodeShip helps you build the products your users love.

Simple Setup

Simple and easy to configure out of the box. Connect with GitHub and deploy to any cloud environment you choose.

Fastest CI on the market

Optimized to achieve no wait times and fast builds. Run as many actions in parallel as you need for the fastest feedback possible.

Start free and scale up as needed

Every GitHub user gets a free build container and 100 monthly builds to start. CodeShip can help scale as your team grows and your needs change.

Integrates with Everything

From one-click deployments to AWS and Google Cloud, to notification and monitoring integrations and more. CodeShip will integrate with any tool or service your team uses alongside your CI/CD process.

Looking for more plans or have some questions?

Just contact us at for more information about plans supporting GitHub Enterprise or dedicated support. Visit

See all of your builds per one project or many
View the latest build status across many projects
Easy add new projects from existing SCM providers
Customize deployment options per provider
Control access to your projets with teams and permissions
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