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Code Inspector

Code Inspector is a code analysis platform that does automated code reviews, technical debt management and analysis of code quality trends over time. The platform aggregates multiple quality metrics (violations, duplicates, readability, complexity). The platform reports the $ figure of the technical debt and show trends of your code base. Code Inspector reports the most critical issues by distinguishing them according to their category, severity and location.

Automatic Code Reviews

The platform automatically analyzes your project and aggregates results from several static code analyzers that detect code violations, duplicates and security vulnerabilities. Analysis reports distinguish errors by their category and severity and help you find the most important issues.

Historical Metrics, Trends & Technical Debt

All metrics and their history is kept on our platform so that you can see code quality trends over a long period of time. The platform evaluates the amount of work (hours or $$) to mitigate and reduce your technical debt.

Badges and Public Dashboard

Add a badge that shows your code quality on your main repository page!


We expose all generated data through a GraphQL API so that you can build your own tool on top of Code Inspector metrics


Slack, Google Chrome extension, GitHub actions

Public repositories for all users, private repositories for paying users.

Automated Code Review on GitHub
Violations, Duplicates, Complex and Long functions surfaced in the source tree
Dashboard of your software metrics
Evaluation of Technical Debt cost
Historic of each software metrics

Pricing and setup

Code Inspector logo preview
Code Inspector


Ideal for small companies with few repositories under 300Kslocs

  • Private and public repositories
  • 20 repositories with 300Kslocs/repositories
  • 500 analyses per day
  • Premium Support
$10 per user
/ month
$110 per user
/ year

Next: Confirm your installation location and payment information.

Code Inspector is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate terms of service, privacy policy, and support documentation.

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