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Build fast, deploy faster

Codefresh is a container-native CI/CD platform running on Kubernetes with embedded caching to provide maximum performance and high scalability.

Assemble pipelines in seconds

In Codefresh, every step in your pipeline is a Docker image, leverage the many out-of-the-box images available already in the codefresh plugins page to assemble your first pipeline or create your own custom steps using any Docker image.

Run in the cloud or behind your firewall

With Codefresh you have the flexibility to either run your pipelines in the cloud or use the Codefresh runner to run your pipelines on your own Kubernetes clusters.

Seamless deployment to Kubernetes

Kubernetes made simple is not a myth, while you can set Codefresh’s pipeline to deploy to any runtime from ECS, to Serverless, Swarm and more, when deploying to Kubernetes Codefresh provides a
Native support for Helm charts, repos and releases
Enhanced reports to track your kubernetes services all the way back to your code Commits
And more...

Contact us for Enterprise pricing.

Track your pipelines in one view
Pipelines can span multiple stages, include parallel steps and manual approvals
Build your pipeline using the Codefresh's powerful inline editor then store the configuration in your codefresh yaml file
Builds your first pipeline in no time leveraging the many out-of-the-box steps or build your own ones.
Monitor your kubernetes clusters to immediately understand which images and commits run in any k8s service

Pricing and setup

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Best for individuals. Create unlimited pipelines for public and private repositories.

  • 1 Concurrent Build
  • 120 Builds/month
  • 2 Concurrent Users
  • SaaS

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