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Stay Ahead of Fast-Moving Codebases

CodeLingo learns your coding Rules to auto identify issues, teach best practice and refactor code; keeping you nimble on a fast-moving codebase.

CodeLingo finds issues in existing code, makes pull requests to fix them, and ensures the same issues don't sneak in with new pull requests. CodeLingo also generates your contributor docs thus automating three cornerstones (bug fixing, reviewing and doc updates) to scale up your code quality.

Where other solutions catch only generic issues, we also catch your project specific ones. For more details follow the README on

Catch project specific issues in pull requests
Safeguard your repository by saving queries as Tenets in codelingo.yaml files. CodeLingo does the rest!
Automatically generate your queries by simply selecting the code you're interested in.

Pricing and setup

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Free for Public Open Source Repositories

  • Automate Pull Request Reviews
  • Generate Contributor Docs
  • Automatically find and fix issues

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codelingo is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate privacy policy and support documentation.

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