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CodeScene identifies and prioritizes technical debt based on how the organization works with the code. Using CodeScene you can:

  • Prioritize a small part of your codebase – typically 2-4% – that identifies the most likely return on any code quality investments.
  • Explore the efficiency of your organization with respect to Conway’s Law.
  • Detect sub-systems with low team autonomy that become productivity bottlenecks.
  • Measure the technical risk when a key developer leaves the project.

CodeScene is a behavioral code analysis tool that analyzes behavioral data as recorded in version-control systems. This lets CodeScene uncover both organizational information such as knowledge distribution, inter-team coordination bottlenecks in code, as well as prioritizing technical issues based on the estimated return on investment if the findings are addressed. Get a quick tour of CodeScene in this video.

CodeScene supports multiple repositories including high-level architectural analyses to detect implicit dependencies across architectural components and/or microservices. CodeScene supports all major programming languages.

CodeScene is a tactical tool that helps you base your decisions on data. The analyses have evolved from the book Software Design X-Rays: Fix Technical Debt with Behavioral Code Analysis.

CodeScene's machine learning intelligence prioritizes your technical debt so you get a return on your investments in improvements.
Your code health and sub-system trends at a glance.
Find team coordination bottlenecks based on code contributions.
Detect implicit dependencies between different modules that aren't visible in the code itself.
Simulate the impact during off-boarding and the consequences of technical sprawl on an architectural level.
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