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Fuzzit helps you integrate Continuous Fuzzing to your current CI/CD workflow. Fuzzit supports any CI and these languages.

Fuzzit continuously fuzzes your latest code asynchronously without blocking your CI and notifying of any new bugs or crashes via your favourite channel. Fuzzit also helps you run fuzzing regression testing for every Pull-Request.

Fuzzing workflow

This workflow helps you run your fuzz targets continuously for your latest version without blocking the CI. Fuzzing takes care of saving and minimising your corpus between runs.

Regression workflow

For every Pull-Request you can take advantage of all the test-cases that were generated by your fuzzers and all the fixed crashes to run a quick regression tests inline with your CI for every Pull-Request. This will help you prevent new and old bugs crippling to master

Crash deduplication

Fuzzit analyse your crashes to prevent duplicate reporting and help you get better insight to your bugs.

Automatic Github issue filing

Fuzzit can automatically file Github Issues with the new discovered bugs.

Each crash is reproducible with test case, logs, fuzzer binary and commit sha
Automatically file de-duplicated crashes to github so your team can start working on it

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Free for OSS and public repositories

  • Continuous fuzzing
  • Regression fuzz testing
  • CI/CD integration
  • 3 fuzz functions

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