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GitKraken Glo Boards

Sync GitHub Issues with Glo Boards to visualize your workflow

Glo Boards sync in real-time with GitHub Issues so changes made in either system are immediately reflected in the other. If some team members are using either Glo or GitHub exclusively, important information is still shared seamlessly.

Benefits of using Glo Boards with GitHub:

  • Sync GitHub Issues, assignees, descriptions, comments and labels in real-time across systems
  • Create different workflows and labels for each board

Benefits of GitKraken Glo

  • Easily Accessible: Open Glo boards from the GitKraken Git Client, the mobile apps, a browser, Atom or VS Code.
  • Track Anything: Create cards to track tasks, issues, items, features, etc.
  • Collaborative Boards: Invite different team members to each board and set security permissions.
  • Board Activity: See who did what and when.
  • Powerful Search & Filters: See only what you’re looking for.
  • Card Labels: Use labels to quickly see priority, item type, etc.
  • Card Task Lists: Create additional checklists for each card.
  • Sharable Boards & Cards: Share specific boards or cards.
  • File Attachments: Drag and drop to easily add images/files.
  • Markdown Support: Use markdown in card descriptions and comments.
  • Notifications: Get alerts in-app and via email.
  • @Mentions: Tag people in comments to notify them.
  • Themes: Choose the light or dark side. Or go full Glo mode!
Connect GitKraken Glo to GitHub and create a synced issue board. Use Glo Board workflows to visualize progress and sync updates in real-time.
Use Glo Boards inside your favorite text editors like VS Code and Atom.
Create custom workflows for each board, and drag and drop cards from one column to the next.
Create custom labels for each board. When creating a new card, use #label-name and @person-name to add a new label and assign a user.
Add users to a board by either searching for their email or sending them an invite to use GitKraken Glo. Set security permissions per user per board.

Pricing and setup

GitKraken Glo Boards logo preview
GitKraken Glo Boards


The legendary issue and task tracking boards for developers

  • 2-way GitHub Issue Sync
  • GitKraken Git Client Integration
  • Mobile Apps
  • Markdown Support

Next: Confirm your installation location.

GitKraken Glo Boards is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate privacy policy and support documentation.

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