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Greenkeeper brings you safety & consistency with real-time monitoring for your npm dependencies. Let a bot send you informative and actionable issues so you can easily keep your software up to date and in working condition.

Join over 10000 projects on GitHub that trust Greenkeeper to warn them before dependency updates break their builds.

Important: Greenkeeper requires a working CI setup.

Greenkeeper monitors all your dependencies for updates, runs your CI tests against each new update, and notifies your team when human intervention is required: Based on the test results and your current version definitions we will open up clear, actionable issues for you. If there’s nothing for you to do, we won’t nag you, but if a dependency does break your software, you’ll know immediately, and can get started on fixing the problem.

Greenkeeper has:

  • Native lockfile updating
  • Support for both monorepo repositories and monorepo dependencies
  • Full support for handling private packages
  • Built-in dependency pinning, for when you just don’t have time to deal with a breaking change

Let our friendly bot take the tedium of dependency management off your hands 🤖 💚

A Greenkeeper PR for a passing out-of-range update
When tests for an in-range update fail, Greenkeeper opens an actionable issue for you
Additional updates to a dependency appear as updates to the dependency‘s PR, and your tests run every time
The account dashboard gives you an overview over the state of all your repositories
If an update breaks your code, Greenkeeper will let you pin it to the last working version, and tell you when an update fixes everything again

Pricing and setup

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For small to medium teams

  • Unlimited public repositories
  • 15 private repositories
$39 / month
$399 / year

Next: Confirm your installation location and payment information.

Greenkeeper is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate terms of service, privacy policy, and support contact.

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