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GuardRails scans new code changes as they occur in your repositories. For pull requests, we will post comments whenever security issues are detected. For branches, you will be able to see reports in your dashboard.

We currently support static code analysis and/or vulnerable dependencies checks for JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Solidity, Go, PHP, Elixir, C/C++ and Java. However, GuardRails can be used on any kind of repositories to prevent secrets leakage thanks to our secrets detection engines. We are working on adding support for C#/.NET next.

GuardRails works out of the box, no configuration required. However, if you want a custom experience, please refer to our documentation for the configuration options. For example, you can already integrate GuardRails with Slack to get the right notifications right where you are used to getting them.

GuardRails results in a pull requests on GitHub.
Browse your scans reports in your dashboard.
Get GuardRails notifications right in your Slack channels!

Pricing and setup

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For individuals that care about security.

For personal accounts only

  • Scans On Pull Requests Only
  • Low Priority Queue
  • Unlimited Public Repositories
  • 3 Private Repository
$1 / month
$10 / year

Next: Confirm your installation location and payment information.

GuardRails is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate terms of service, privacy policy, and support documentation.

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