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Hound reviews your code then comments directly in Pull Requests, helping your team maintain consistent coding style and high code quality.

Hound integrates with your existing workflow by reviewing changes and commenting the moment a Pull Request is created or updated.

Automated reviews allow developers to focus on the kind of code review that humans are best at giving.

Hound's default settings build upon accepted industry standards and are the result of years of utilization in software projects at thoughtbot.

Have your own style guide or need to modify the default? Hound provides the ability to customize reviews to best suit your team's needs.

A clean codebase is a reflection of a cohesive team. It gives the impression of a team working well together towards a common goal, rather than individual developers working independently.

When your team creates a Pull Request, Hound works quickly to review the changes and makes line-by-line suggestions.
Hound lets your team know when it's done by updating the Pull Request status, hopefully giving you good news.

Pricing and setup

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Up to 4 private projects

  • Unlimited number of public projects
$49 / month
$399 / year

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Hound is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate terms of service, privacy policy, and support documentation.

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