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Lean Board is a collaborative whiteboard with sticky notes which seamlessly connects with your GitHub issue. Login with your GitHub account, create a board for an issue and a snapshot of your notes is embedded in the issue automatically.

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Simple, yet versatile

LeanBoard just works like a normal whiteboard in real life. You can use it for anything you like. We originally built it to collaborate and integrate "Example Mapping" into our workflow but that's just one of many examples.

Real Time Collaboration

LeanBoard works in real time. Collaborate with your team - and see their changes instantaneously. This is especially useful during video calls so you can contribute to the same board and build something together.

Built for GitHub

LeanBoard is built for GitHub. Simply login with your GitHub account and choose an Issue to connect to your board. An uplinked snapshot of the connected board is embedded in the issue's content so you can always stay up to date.

Use LeanBoard for Example Mapping, Brain Storming and more.
Collaborate with your team in real time.
Boards are connected with your GitHub issue so you can always see what's going on without leaving GitHub.
Coming soon … repository an project boards

Pricing and setup