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Localazy is a localization platform built for developers. Speak everyone's language and expand your user base.

Manage translations with no monthly fees and enjoy localization features for free enhanceable through cost-effective add-ons. Tailor-made for growing apps and established businesses alike.

Integrate Localazy to your Github Actions and forget about all the hassle. Never touch localizable files again 😏.

👨🏽‍💻 UX built around developer productivity
➡️ Instant&free translations available
➡️ Unlimited apps (public & private)
➡️ Unlimited localization features
➡️ Unlimited languages & translations
➡️ Unlimited machine translations
➡️ Save money with shared translations
➡️ All integrations & formats
➡️ 200 managed source phrases for free (increase limit permanently with one-time payment)

Choose your integration. You are in a good company.
Instant translations for your app.
CLI comes handy.
Github Actions sample repo available.
Unrivaled plan for those who hate monthly fees for phrase management.

Pricing and setup

Localazy logo preview

Free to use

Use all core localization features for free without monthly fees and save money with shared translations.

  • Up to 1000 source lang phrases for free
  • Unlimited languages and translations
  • Unlimited core localization features
  • Unlimited apps

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Localazy is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate terms of service, privacy policy, and support documentation.