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Localyzer Express

Localyzer Express is a streamlined version of Localyzer. It uses Machine Translation to return translated files as soon as the developer commits files to a repository, in branches and repositories configured once.
Localyzer Express and LocalyzerQA work to automate fast and accurate translation for software projects.

Localyzer automates the translation process around software repositories. It connects, transforms, validates, and sends resource files ( .properties, .json, .resx, etc. ) to translation. Translation systems can be Translation Management Systems (TMS) and Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools, or they can be Machine Translation systems (MT).

This allows for any type of development process, Agile processes like Scrum or Kanban, or more Waterfall processes. The translation is completely automated.

LocalyzerQA makes it easy to verify and post edit any Localyzer Express translation. It communicates back to Localyzer Express to change translations in the repository.

Localyzer Express v1 works with standard resource files:
❯ .properties
❯ .resx
❯ .json
❯ Android files (strings.xml)
❯ iOS files (iOS.xml)
For other file types and on-boarding, please look at Localyzer or contact us at


Localyzer Express screenshot
Localyzer Express screenshot
Localyzer Express screenshot
Localyzer Express screenshot

Pricing and setup

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Localyzer Express

Free Trial

4000 words per year

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