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Lucidchart Connector

Lucidchart empowers you and your team to create and collaborate on architecture diagrams, mockups, user flows, flowcharts, and other visuals in real time.

With Lucidchart, you can include these visuals in GitHub so team members can quickly understand an issue or pull request. Simply insert a public link to the Lucidchart document—the link will unfurl to show a preview, and unlike static diagrams, the link ensures that users always have access to the current version of the visual.

This app requires a subscription to Lucidchart. Start your free trial.

Increase efficiency and productivity
No one wants to waste time digging through the code base or turning to text-heavy documentation before they get to work. Use Lucidchart to clarify how applications and systems should function so your team can move faster. Team members can look at the preview to understand the basics and then click on the link to explore the diagram in depth.

Work together visually
With Lucidchart, you can communicate ideas, information, and processes as you:

  • Create impressive visuals quickly with intuitive, drag-and-drop functionality
  • Collaborate in real time from any location
  • Use in-editor commenting, notes, and @notifications to get approval or give feedback
  • Monitor processes, systems, and goals through data linking and conditional formatting
  • Import database schemas, AWS infrastructure, and markup to build diagrams faster
Quickly understand an issue or pull request

Pricing and setup

Lucidchart Connector logo preview
Lucidchart Connector

Lucidchart Connector

Insert a published link to a Lucidchart diagram so team members can quickly understand an issue or pull request.

  • Clarify issues or pull requests in GitHub through architecture diagrams, mockups, user flows, and other visuals.
  • Display a preview of your document by inserting a published Lucidchart link in GitHub.
  • Ensure that users always have access to the latest version of your document by sharing a link to your live diagram.

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Lucidchart Connector is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate privacy policy and support documentation.

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