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LZU COVID Health Report

结合Github OAuth App编写的自动打卡工作流管理网页前端!! Github Actions全自动打卡,打卡信息存放在Actions Secrets中,个人信息隐私保护,支持打卡结果推送到社交软件和浏览器通知。

INTRODUCING New Auto COVID Health Report Workflow Management Web Front-end build by GitHub OAuth app!! Fully automatic reporting using Github Actions, store info in Actions Secrets, privacy protection for personal information, support pushing results to chat APPs and browser notification.

简单易用,直白明了,免去手动配置的恐惧,十分适合新手,强烈推荐使用! 更多请参照使用说明

Easy to use, straightforward, free from the fear of manual configuration, very suitable for novices, strongly recommended! Refering Usage for more.

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Pricing and setup

LZU COVID Health Report logo preview
LZU COVID Health Report

Personal Care

When choose this plan, you can ask me to take care of your reporting status daily and remind if fail. Please contact my email after purchasing.

  • Secure
  • Insurance
  • Elegant
  • Personal
$10 per user
/ month
$120 per user
/ year

Next: Confirm your installation location and payment information.

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