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Merge Mamba

Merge Mamba monitors your repositories and lets you know when any of your branches conflict with a pull request. Work faster and never waste time on merge conflicts again.

Work faster

If your team wastes time resolving merge conflicts, Merge Mamba can prevent them before they happen. Every time someone raises a pull request Merge Mamba checks it against the existing active branches and lets you know if there's a potential conflict before it happens.

More features on the way

Merge Mamba has a view of your repo that you can't get from the Git log. By keeping track of which commits belong to which branches, Merge Mamba can give you insight into who's working on what, how they're doing it and how you can make development better.

We'll be building out these features over the next few months so submit your feature suggestions and keep track of our roadmap here.

Merge Mamba screenshot
Merge Mamba screenshot
Merge Mamba screenshot
Merge Mamba screenshot

Pricing and setup

Merge Mamba logo preview
Merge Mamba


Stop merge conflicts before they happen

  • Always free for public repos
  • New features coming very soon
  • Pull request integration

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Merge Mamba is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate privacy policy and support documentation.