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Pull Request Quantifier

A highly customizable framework to quantify a pull request within a repository context.

  • Counts pull request changes with high accuracy
  • Uses git history to provide a repository level context to the pull request
  • Provides customizations through a yaml file for fine grained behavior control

The app labels pull requests with a size and posts a comment with accurate change summary. Encourage developers in your repository to make small changes at a time.

Why small changes matter:

  • Time to review is less.
  • Bugs are more likely to be detected.
  • Share knowledge efficiently, small portions can always be assimilated better.
  • Release fast to production. Small changes are always more likely to be reviewed faster with less iterations and therefore they can be released faster.
  • Exercise your mind to divide big problems into smaller ones.
Evaluates the changes and posts summary comments upon each commit in the pull request.
Color coded labels. The colors and label text are customizable at repository level.
Use gitignore like patterns to selectively include/exclude certain files that do not increase review complexity.

Pricing and setup

Pull Request Quantifier logo preview
Pull Request Quantifier

Open source

PullRequestQuantifier is free to use.

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Pull Request Quantifier is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate privacy policy and support documentation.