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Application is an interactive chatbot for your GitHub repositories, which listens to you in your issues and reacts to three simple commands: merge, deploy, and release. Once you give a comment, @rultor reads .rultor.yml configuration file from your repo, starts a new Docker container, runs the script you pre-configured, and reports back to you in the ticket, with a full log from the container.

This documentation explains how you configure your .rultor.yml.

You can see how @rultor is being used in these open source projects, to merge their pull requests, deploy them to production, and release new versions: zold-io/zold (Ryby gem), yegor256/sibit (Ruby gem), or yegor256/0rsk (web app, Ruby, PostgreSQL, Liquibase), jcabi-github (Java library).

Watch these video, to understand the idea better:

The front page of the website
That's how you merge your pull requests, instead of clicking the green button
This is how you deploy a new version of your product
This is how you release a new numbered version or your repo

Pricing and setup logo preview

Free for everybody

You get it for free (it's sponsored by Zerocracy)

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