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Teamlytics makes it easy to see how your team is doing on all your projects. Track everything from code contributions like commits and pull requests to project management interactions like opening and closing issues, comments, and project cards. Using webhooks, teamlytics tracks new events as they take place on each of your repositories. You'll have instant insight on what everyone is working on and how much they're contributing to each project.

Teamlytics collects data in two modes. First, when you first install Teamlytics on a repository it will load historic events for the past few weeks or months. Next, using Webhooks, teamlytics will keep track of new events occurring on the repository in real-time (pull requests, project card, issues, commits, comments, and more).

This gives you instant insights whenever you need them.

There are 3 types of ways to view data with Teamlytics:

  1. A Global team leaderboard on how much each team member is contributing to all of the installed repositories in your organization.

  2. A Team Member view to track all the interactions of one team member across all of your repositories and projects.

  3. A Repository team leaderboard to see what how much each team member is contributing to a specific repository/project.

Global leader board
Detailed team member view

Pricing and setup

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For small teams

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Teamlytics is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate privacy policy and support documentation.

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