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Testspace is an integrated GitHub test solution for Automated, Manual, and Exploratory Test Management

  • Publish your Workflow test results with a single command
  • Implement Manual Tests as Code using your repository
  • Facilitate Exploratory testing in all your sessions

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Publish your Test Automation Results

Publish test results and code coverage with one command. Seamless integration with your CI. Manage all your test status with a single dashboard.

   - uses: testspace-com/setup-testspace@v1
        domain: ${{github.repository_owner}}
   - name: Publish Results to Testspace
     run: testspace [$${{ matrix.os}}]./testcontent/*.xml


Implement Manual Tests as Code using GitHub

Implement repository based manual tests. Include serverless automation integrated with the tests; such as AWS Lambdas and GitHub actions.

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Monitor Status using Dashboard

Monitor the status of the software, regardless of the testing method. All the metrics; test results, code coverage, defects, requirements, etc., are collected and analyzed together.

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Advanced Analytics to improve Workflow
Results Dashboard for Test Automation and Manual Tests
Seamless integration with CI. Publish your results with one command!
No proprietary UI for test authoring, just plain text markdown. Tests managed as code: version control, branch workflow, pull requests, etc.

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Integrated GitHub Test Management solution

For organization accounts only

  • 450 results
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited projects
  • 12 months of history
$72 / month
$864 / year

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