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Zube is an Agile project management platform that allows everyone on your team to communicate with the developers. On Zube, it is easy to create an Agile workflow for your team with a kanban board, epics, and sprints. Zube’s seamless integration with GitHub keeps all of your GitHub Issue data in sync across both platforms in real time.

Agile project management with a beautiful and blazing fast interface

The kanban board provides an Agile workflow out of the box. Get a clear overview of your project or take a closer look with advanced filtering.

Everything you need to plan and manage your product

Agile Epics help you to accomplish your larger goals. Scrum style Sprints keep your team focused and accountable. Customer Support Tickets make sure critical issues are resolved promptly.

The source of truth. Never copy and paste another developer task

Seamlessly work between Zube and GitHub. Attach a GitHub repository to your Zube project and your data will always stay up to date. On Zube, everyone can collaborate on developer tasks, even if they are not developers.

Powerful analytics so you’ll know exactly when your product will ship

Analyze your work in one place, even your GitHub data. Burndown, Burnup, and Velocity charts show your progress. Throughput charts give insight into what's getting done.

A beautiful and blazing fast kanban board gives you an Agile workflow out of the box.

Pricing and setup

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Up to 25 Users

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Multiple repository support
  • Slack integration
  • Powerful analytics
$250 / month
$3,000 / year

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Zube is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate terms of service, privacy policy, and support documentation.