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Code quality

Automate your code review with style, quality, security, and test‑coverage checks when you need them.

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Your Code, Your Rules - Automate code refactors and reviews with your own best practices

Typo CI

Fix typos and spelling mistakes before merging

PEP 8 Speaks

A GitHub app to automatically review Python code style over Pull Requests

Commit Lint

Enforce the conventions of commits


Code linting on all your commits without any configuration needed

Check TODO

Checks for any added or modified TODO items in a Pull Request

Pull Request Size

Apply size labels to Pull Requests based on the total lines of code changed


A GitHub App to help you manage issues in pull requests (PRs) better


Report unit tests and build logs to github with annotations

Commit Message Lint

Enforces convention of commit messages and pull request title

Size Plugin

A Github bot for size-plugin


Cloud-based visual testing platform for website and web-apps


Replay your code development by your own rules

GraphQL Inspector

Compare schemas, validate documents, find breaking changes, find similar types, get schema coverage


CommitCheck ensures your commit messages are consistent and contain all required information


Enterprise-ready open source software—managed for you

Scope for GitHub

Scope turns tests into the insights you need to ship higher quality software more frequently

Prisma Cloud

App to identify security issues in IaC templates such as Terraform templates, CloudFormation templates and K8s app manifests

Dev Rating

Find whose code is the most stable


Automatically creates documentation for your project


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