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Code review

Ensure your code meets quality standards and ship with confidence.

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Your Code, Your Rules - Automate code refactors and reviews with your own best practices

Typo CI

Fix typos and spelling mistakes before merging

PR Patrol

Monitor code that matters to you, watch pull requests for specific file or code changes

PEP 8 Speaks

A GitHub app to automatically review Python code style over Pull Requests

Commit Lint

Enforce the conventions of commits


Code linting on all your commits without any configuration needed


See whats missing from you Pullrequest and who's the most knowledgeable reviewer


Replay your code development by your own rules


A bot that solves merge conflicts in pull requests without manual intervention


A GitHub App to help you manage issues in pull requests (PRs) better

StarChart Labs | Chronicler

Enforce change log updates in pull requests

Task list completed

PR check to make sure all tasklists / tick boxes are checked in the PR body

PullApprove - Code review workflows for teams

Use powerful controls to design a review process that meets your internal requirements and automatically requests reviewers

Size Plugin

A Github bot for size-plugin


Free git analytics/insights. Alternative to GitPrime, Pluralsight Flow, Code Climate Velocity, Waydev, Git Prime


CommitCheck ensures your commit messages are consistent and contain all required information


Peer code review tool for programming courses


Audit your smart contract files automatically within a blink


Automatically creates documentation for your project


Stay on top of pull requests with Pullwalla - your unified pull request manager


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