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Continuous integration

Automatically build and test your code as you push it to GitHub, preventing bugs from being deployed to production.

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Deploy your code using GitHub API's. Automatic deployments, PR deployments and integrations for any service

Check TODO

Checks for any added or modified TODO items in a Pull Request

Fire CI

Turn your team laptops into a farm of Docker based CI servers


GradientCI: Add a simple config file to your GitHub repo to train ML models directly from git commits


Connect GitHub with Jile

Merge Freeze

The code freeze tool to block merging and deployments

Task list completed

PR check to make sure all tasklists / tick boxes are checked in the PR body

GitHub chatbot to merge, deploy, and release your repositories


Unmock helps you organize mocks (fixtures) for your HTTP(S) calls, speeding up development and increasing resiliency

GitHint Bot

GitHint ensures that your pull requests follow specified conventions


A service which helps you integrate your upstream GitHub project into Fedora ecosystem

Codemagic CI/CD

Cloud-based continuous integration and delivery for Flutter projects

Extant DevSecOps

Speed up your remediation cycles for security vulnerabilities with Extant DevSecOps pipeline tools

side8 pipeline

AWS CloudFormation CI/CD

mabl bot

Intelligent end-to-end application testing

SCANOSS detects undeclared OSS components in your commits

Treebeard Build

Run your python scripts and notebooks on commit in the cloud


Time Series Data for Continuous Integration


Build Better NPM Packages

Bitrise Checks

Bitrise Checks brings Bitrise's mobile CICD into GitHub: Kick off workflows and see build results right there


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