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Streamline your code deployment so you can focus on your product.

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Azure Pipelines

Continuously build, test, and deploy to any platform and cloud

Cloud 66 for Rails

Build, deploy, and maintain your Rails apps on any cloud or server


Test and deploy at the push of a button


One-click delivery automation for Web Developers


A modern container-based CI/CD platform, easily assemble and run pipelines with high performance

Cloud 66 Skycap

Skycap is a container native CI/CD tool

CloudBees CodeShip

Continuous Integration and Delivery. Fast. Customizable. Easy


Manage flaky unit tests. Click a checkbox to instantly disable any test on all branches. Works with your current test suite


Deploy your code using GitHub API's. Automatic deployments, PR deployments and integrations for any service

Merge Freeze

The code freeze tool to block merging and deployments

Code Expander

Type faster using abbreviations for phrases with gist


Serverless Management Platform with Kubernetes


Enable Murano project auto-validation and auto-deployement

PR Scheduler

Lets developers schedule PRs to be merged at a specific date/time. Useful for scheduling posts on static blog frameworks


Manage feature flags in git

Semantic PR Title

Verifies PR title complies with Angular commit convention standard (or custom regex)

Decentralized Internet

An NPM library of programs to create decentralized web and distributed computing projects

side8 pipeline

AWS CloudFormation CI/CD

Treebeard Build

Run your python scripts and notebooks on commit in the cloud


Node App Helper Actions

By guahanweb

Provides some helper scripts to aid in basic Node.js app delivery


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