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Streamline your code deployment so you can focus on your product.

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Cloud 66 for Rails

Build, deploy, and maintain your Rails apps on any cloud or server


Terraform Apply for GorillaStack

By GorillaStack

Cost-Optimization, Backup & Security Alerting for the AWS Cloud with Terraform templates living in your repository


A modern container-based CI/CD platform, easily assemble and run pipelines with high performance

CloudBees CodeShip

Continuous Integration and Delivery. Fast. Customizable. Easy


HashiCorp - Setup Terraform

By hashicorp

Sets up Terraform CLI in your GitHub Actions workflow


Trigger Buildkite Pipeline

By buildkite

A GitHub Action for triggering a build on a Buildkite pipeline


AWS CloudFormation "Deploy CloudFormation Stack" Action for GitHub Actions

By aws-actions

Deploys a AWS CloudFormation stack


Deploy to Cloudflare Workers with Wrangler

By cloudflare

Deploy your Cloudflare Workers applications and sites directly from GitHub, using Wrangler


"Configure AWS Credentials" Action For GitHub Actions

By aws-actions

Configure AWS credential and region environment variables for use with the AWS CLI and AWS SDKs

Cloud 66 Skycap

Skycap is a container native CI/CD tool


Amazon ECS "Render Task Definition" Action for GitHub Actions

By aws-actions

Inserts a container image URI into a container definition in an Amazon ECS task definition JSON file, creating a new file


Amazon ECS "Deploy Task Definition" Action for GitHub Actions

By aws-actions

Registers an Amazon ECS task definition, and deploys it to an ECS service

Azure Pipelines

Continuously build, test, and deploy to any platform and cloud


Amazon ECR "Login" Action for GitHub Actions

By aws-actions

Logs in the local Docker client to one or more ECR registries


One-click delivery automation for Web Developers


Kubernetes bake

By Azure

Use this action to bake manifest file to be used for deployments using helm2, kustomize or kompose


Test and deploy at the push of a button


Kubernetes set context

By Azure

Kubernetes set context


Codefresh pipeline runner

By codefresh-io

Github action that runs codefresh pipeline


Manage flaky unit tests. Click a checkbox to instantly disable any test on all branches. Works with your current test suite


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