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Build on your workflow with apps that integrate with GitHub.

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Meercode | CI Monitoring

By Meercode

Meercode is the ultimate monitoring dashboard for your CI/CD builds


By Rollbar

See, understand, and respond to application errors in realtime

Simple Ops - Peformance & Uptime Monitoring

By DWorkS

Simple Website Performance and Uptime Monitoring


By LogRocket

Record videos of user sessions with enhanced logging information

Moesif API Insights

By Moesif

Understand API usage and take action with user-centric API observability


By Sentry

Real-time, cross-platform crash reporting and error logging


By Airbrake

Real time error monitoring and alerts

GraphQL Inspector

By Kamil Kisiela

Validate schemas, get schema change notifications, validate operations and fragments, find breaking changes


By Epsagon

GitHub Integration with Epsagon

Octostats Analytics

By Mobile First

Scoreboard for your public Github repositories

Git Streaks

By HongHao Zhang

Make coding on GitHub a habit


By Mirco Zeiss

Time Series Data for Continuous Integration

JS Bundle Analyzer

By Smooth Code

Keep your webpack bundle optimized over time

Bugfender app

By Bugfender

Log storage for your applications

Sleuth Deployment Tracking

By Sleuth

Real-time release tracking and impact monitoring

Star Notifier

By Xiaodong DENG

To receive an email notification when there is new Star for your projects

Dev Rating

By Viсtor Semenov

Team productivity metrics

Monte Carlo Data

By Monte Carlo

Data reliability. Delivered

DevOps KPI Collector

By Microsoft Consulting Services

Read Only access to collect DevOps KPI Data and generate Dashboard

PR Patrol

By PR Patrol

Monitor code that matters to you, watch pull requests for specific file or code changes


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