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Build on your workflow with apps that integrate with GitHub.

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tipit bot


tipit bot for Github. Tip people and reward developers with bounty pools

Dev Rating

By Viсtor Semenov

Team productivity metrics

2-way Sync by Unito

By unito

Build the workflow you need between Github and other tools in your business

GoodDay Work

GoodDay is a modern work management and productivity platform


By Bruno Logerfo

Applies a specific label to an issue closed through a pull request targeting the default branch in the same repository


By Orhan Sönmez

Automatically adds labels to Pull Requests based on their status (WIP, Changes Requested, Approved) and who's reviewing them


By Quantify

Use commits mapped to Atlassian Jira projects as additional metadata source for the Quantify

CloudSynth Inbox

By CloudSynth

Be agile across all your tools with Inbox, brings all your team's favorite tools together into one easy to organize dashboard


By Jason Etcovitch

Create new issues from actionable comments in your code

Trello-GitHub Sync

By unito

Build two-way workflows across GitHub and Trello. Sync and filter boards, repos, issues, cards, comments, assignees and more

Zoho Sprints

Agile project management tool for Scrum teams

Panorama for GitHub

By Digital Toucan

Create subtasks. Organize issues from multiple repositories into a tree structure and visualize project progress

Scribe Connect

By Francesco Lanciana

Connects your codebase and wiki


By Augmentable

tickgit helps you manage TODO items in your codebase


By Jile

Connect GitHub with Jile


By ZenCrepes

Stateless and OpenSource client-side Agile analytics and reporting over GitHub issues across organizations and repositories


Connect your code with your Agile management in PingCode

By Yegor Bugayenko

Turns TODO puzzles in your source code into GitHub issues and monitors them

PR Milestone Check

By Jakub Scholz

Verifies whether a milestone has been set on a PR or not - the result is used as a status on the PR / last commit in the PR

Abstract Notebooks

By Abstract

Abstract Notebooks + GitHub seamlessly integrates design and development workflows to bring your best work to life


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