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Build on your workflow with apps that integrate with GitHub.

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Integrated GitHub test solution for CI Results Dashboard, Reporting, Manual Test Case Management, and Exploratory


By Workshop 64

Automatically detect, track, and rank flaky tests so you can regain trust in your test suite

Simple Ops - Peformance & Uptime Monitoring

By DWorkS

Simple Website Performance and Uptime Monitoring

Issue Embed

By Issue Embed

Collect bugs and feedback directly from your website's visitors straight into your repository's Github Issues


By Kiwi TCMS

the leading open source test management system


By BitModern Inc.

The #1 Test Case Creation and Management for GitHub Workflows

Apollo Studio

By Apollo GraphQL

A cloud platform that helps you build, collaborate on, validate, and secure your organization's GraphQL API

Pull Dog

By Mathias Lykkegaard Lorenzen

Automatic Docker Compose based test environments for your pull requests

Run actions from comment

By shel

Allows to trigger specific action via comment


By RubyCI

1-click setup CI for your Ruby on Rails application

mabl bot

By mabl

Intelligent end-to-end application testing


By Exosite

Murano solution auto-validation and auto-deployement


By Meeshkan

Meeshkan automatically writes, executes, and reports on a collection of tests to squash bugs and improve your code

By fuzzit (now part of GitLab)

Continuous Fuzzing for C/C++/Java/Golang/Rust and Swift integrated with your current CI/CD workflow


By DigitalSVN

Create preview URLs for your Pull Requests with DeployWizard

Test Check Publisher

By Gray

Continuous integration unit test publisher for annotating commits with results using the checks API from 3rd party CI systems

TrustInSoft CI

By TrustInSoft CI

Advanced C and C++ static analysis to detect and troubleshoot the most subtle issues in your source code


By Packit

A service which helps you integrate your upstream GitHub project into Fedora ecosystem


By FlowUI

Builds and runs mobile UI Automation non-flaky tests. Specially designed for QA


By Screenshotbot

Get notified when screenshots of your app changes


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