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Auxiliary tools to enhance your experience on GitHub

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Issue-Label Bot

Automatically label GitHub Issues with machine learning


Pull requests automation service


Reliable GitHub repository backup, set up in minutes

Sync by Unito

Build workflows across tools and teams. Integrate GitHub with Jira, Trello, Asana, HubSpot, Zendesk, Basecamp, Wrike and more

Asana-GitHub Sync

Build two-way workflows across GitHub and Asana. Sync and filter projects, repos, issues, tasks, comments, assignees and more


A bot that solves merge conflicts in pull requests without manual intervention

Merge when green

Automatically merge pull requests when all tests have passed

Nightfall Radar

Detect credentials and secrets in GitHub repos via machine learning. Formerly known as Watchtower Radar

GitHub chatbot to merge, deploy, and release your repositories


automate your pull request workflow


The productivity platform that provides a fundamentally new way to work

Commit Message Lint

Enforces convention of commit messages and pull request title


Applies a specific label to an issue closed through a pull request targeting the default branch in the same repository

PR Label Enforcer

If config file provided, this app prevents PRs from getting merged if it doesn't contain certain labels


GitHub, now with bounties; create/earn bounties via issue comments


Website editor on top of Github pages

Ensure Single Commit

Rebasing is important to This is just a small checker on PRs to ensure we have single commit per PR


A lightweight PHP framework designed for complex web algorithm, highly customizable and extensible

DevBots - Needs Triage

Automatically add a label to new issues

DevBots - Lock Issue

Automatically lock a conversation when an issue is closed


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