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Auxiliary tools to enhance your experience on GitHub

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By Mergify

Pull requests automation service. Merge your pull requests faster

Cloudback Backup

By Cloudback

Backups your GitHub repositories, fast and secure

Private StackShare

By StackShare

Map out all of your tech stacks with the click of a button

Merge Mamba

By Merge Mamba

Stops merge conflicts before they happen

Orwell app

By Lift

A better way to view your Github Team


By BackHub

Reliable GitHub repository backup, set up in minutes



By snyk

Presents a preview of expected release notes should the PR get merged, based on Semantic Release


HashiCorp - Setup Terraform

By hashicorp

Sets up Terraform CLI in your GitHub Actions workflow


Install Pulumi CLI

By pulumi

Install the Pulumi CLI in a GitHub Actions build environment


Run mabl tests

By mablhq

Register a deployment event with mabl and run associated tests

Issue-Label Bot

By ML Apps

Automatically label GitHub Issues with machine learning

ponicode Created with Sketch.

Ponicode DogString: Automatic AI-based Docstring generation

By ponicode

Add doctrings to all your undocumented functions in your repository

Sync by Unito

By unito

Build workflows across tools and teams. Integrate GitHub with Jira, Trello, Asana, HubSpot, Zendesk, Basecamp, Wrike and more


Setup Ruby, JRuby and TruffleRuby

By ruby

Download a prebuilt Ruby and add it to the PATH in 5 seconds


Setup mabl CLI

By mablhq

Register a deployment event with mabl and run associated tests


Pachyderm Pipeline Updater

By pachyderm

Update a Pachyderm pipeline using the standard pachctl docker image


OpenShift Tools Installer

By redhat-actions

Download, install and cache OpenShift CLI tools

ponicode Created with Sketch.

Ponicode Unit Test

By ponicode

Writes unit tests for all your repository


By Slapdash

Command Bar Launcher for Github


First interaction

By actions

Greet new contributors when they create their first issue or open their first pull request


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