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Auxiliary tools to enhance your experience on GitHub

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Applies a specific label to an issue closed through a pull request targeting the default branch in the same repository


Simple and powerful website screenshot API based on Google Chrome and AWS Lambda

DevBots - Needs Triage

Automatically add a label to new issues

Issue Labeler Bot

A GitHub bot to label issues automatically based on title and body against list of defined label

Keypup Assistant

Automated prioritization of tasks, reviews and merges. Get clarity on your daily dev work


A lightweight PHP framework designed for complex web algorithm, highly customizable and extensible

Always Be Closing

Always Be Closing is a productivity app for GitHub that makes life easier for developers

Exalate Issue Sync

Automatically sync Github issues with Jira or other trackers. The most flexible sync-tool on the planet

Code Clips

Manage and share reusable code

gitenvs is a "git" tool to automatically maintain "testing" environment branches

HTML/CSS to Image

Automate your image generation

Crafter Marketplace

List your Crafter CMS plugins on the Crafter Marketplace

Merge when green

Automatically merge pull requests when all tests have passed


Mobile-friendly professional online code editor for github


GitHub, now with bounties; create/earn bounties via issue comments


A sidekick for repository maintainers


This is a GitHub app to apply Thoth's knowledge to your source code

Pull Request Attention

Finding who is responsible to look at the Pull Requests hasn't been simpler


Automatically add label for pull request

Run actions from comment

Allows to trigger specific action via comment


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