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Build on your workflow with apps that integrate with GitHub.

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SoLittleCode ReviewML

By SoLittleCode

Calculates the probability of a bug in your PR (and recommends a reviewer to find it!)

PingSafe AI

By Nishant Mittal

Protect Your Business From Data Breaches

Bitrise Checks

By Bitrise

Bitrise Checks brings Bitrise's mobile CICD into GitHub: Kick off workflows and see build results right there

GraphQL Inspector

By Kamil Kisiela

Validate schemas, get schema change notifications, validate operations and fragments, find breaking changes - AI-powered test automation reporting

By Report Portal

Open Source tool that uses Machine Learning to speed up the process to triage and determine why tests fail


By Bruno Logerfo

Applies a specific label to an issue closed through a pull request targeting the default branch in the same repository

Swift Package Registry

By twodayslate

A Published List of Swift Packages

Code Clips

By Andrew Pierno

Manage and share reusable code


By Nimrod Dolev

Automatically create enforceable to-do lists for every pull request based on your commit messages

Keypup - Streamline your dev workflow

By Keypup

Automated prioritization of tasks, reviews and merges. Agile boards and daily digests


By Packit

A service which helps you integrate your upstream GitHub project into Fedora ecosystem

Globalyzer i18n Express

Globalyzer is used by many global technology companies to find and fix i18n issues before localization and testing


Automated release notes

Prisma Cloud

By Palo Alto Networks

App to identify security issues in IaC templates such as Terraform templates, CloudFormation templates and K8s app manifests


By Jon Bauer

Free git analytics/insights. Alternative to GitPrime, Pluralsight Flow, Code Climate Velocity, Waydev, Git Prime

In Solidarity

By Justin Poehnelt

Add inclusive language status checks and annotations

mabl bot

By mabl

Intelligent end-to-end application testing

HackMD Hub

By HackMD

HackMD lets the community collaborate on your documentation in real-time

Wrike-GitHub Sync

By unito

Build two-way workflows across GitHub and Wrike. Sync and filter projects, repos, issues, tasks, comments, assignees and more



1-click setup CI for your Ruby on Rails application


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