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Build on your workflow with apps that integrate with GitHub.

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Use commits mapped to Atlassian Jira projects as additional metadata source for the Quantify


Your Code, Your Rules - Automate code refactors and reviews with your own best practices


Deploy your code using GitHub API's. Automatic deployments, PR deployments and integrations for any service

Continuous Fuzzing for C/C++/Java/Golang/Rust and Swift integrated with your current CI/CD workflow

Typo CI

Fix typos and spelling mistakes before merging

Asana-GitHub Sync

Build two-way workflows across GitHub and Asana. Sync and filter projects, repos, issues, tasks, comments, assignees and more


Never miss team health updates and progress


vuejs GUI generator - mockups and code in one go

PR Patrol

Monitor code that matters to you, watch pull requests for specific file or code changes

Issue Labeler Bot

A GitHub bot to label issues automatically based on title and body against list of defined label

PEP 8 Speaks

A GitHub app to automatically review Python code style over Pull Requests

Commit Lint

Enforce the conventions of commits


Code linting on all your commits without any configuration needed

Check TODO

Checks for any added or modified TODO items in a Pull Request


A project manager that never sleeps


See whats missing from you Pullrequest and who's the most knowledgeable reviewer

Code Expander

Type faster using abbreviations for phrases with gist

Pull Request Size

Apply size labels to Pull Requests based on the total lines of code changed


A sidekick for repository maintainers


Serverless Management Platform with Kubernetes


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