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Build on your workflow with apps that integrate with GitHub.

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By Debricked

Automatically identify, fix and prevent vulnerabilities in your open source dependencies

Private StackShare

By StackShare

Map out all of your tech stacks with the click of a button

LZU COVID Health Report

By Hollow Software

兰州大学疫情期间自动定时健康打卡工作流 LZU Auto COVID Health Report Using Github Actions

Merge Mamba

By Merge Mamba

Stops merge conflicts before they happen

Pull Checklist

By Calm Capital

A fully integrated Github tool that surfaces contextually relevant checklists for Pull Requests


By DevHub

Desktop and Mobile apps to keep an eye on Repo Activities, Issues and Notifications (like TweetDeck)

Pull Request Quantifier

By Microsoft

A highly customizable framework to quantify a pull request within a repository context


By Dpulls

Mark a pull request as depending on another

CodeImprover Metrics

By CodeImprover

Static code analysis of C# - Instant feedback on commits and pull requests

Orwell app

By Lift

A better way to view your Github Team

Meercode | CI Monitoring

By Meercode

Meercode is the ultimate monitoring dashboard for your CI/CD builds


By MuseDev

Muse helps you find and fix your most elusive bugs so you can spend time writing great code, not debugging it

Coding Rooms

By Coding Rooms

The first virtual classroom for teaching programming


By Deadpendency

Automated dependency project health analysis


By Heliconia Labs

ABAP quality assurance and static analysis

Cloudback Backup

By Cloudback

Backups your GitHub repositories, fast and secure


Integrated GitHub test solution for CI Results Dashboard, Reporting, Manual Test Case Management, and Exploratory

Board Genius Sync

By Board Genius

Sync Github issues to Trello, Jira, Gitlab, Asana and more


By Slapdash

Command Bar Launcher for Github


By Dropseed

Code review assignment and custom workflows for teams


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