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Typo CI

Fix typos and spelling mistakes before merging

Crafter Marketplace

List your Crafter CMS plugins on the Crafter Marketplace

PullApprove - Code review workflows for teams

Use powerful controls to design a review process that meets your internal requirements and automatically requests reviewers


A project manager that never sleeps

DevBots - Needs Review

Automatically add a label to new pull requests


Use commits mapped to Atlassian Jira projects as additional metadata source for the Quantify

TrustInSoft CI

Advanced C and C++ static analysis to detect and troubleshoot the most subtle issues in your source code

Pull Request Attention

Finding who is responsible to look at the Pull Requests hasn't been simpler

Kloudless unified API

The Kloudless unified APIs are an abstraction layer to integrate several cloud apps with a single implementation

Releases Tracker

Keep track of new releases


Create new issues from actionable comments in your code

DepChecker Bot

Find and fix npm dependency issues during code reviews


A sidekick for repository maintainers

Cobrowse for Android, iOS and Web

HTML/CSS to Image

Automate your image generation


the leading open source test case management system


A bot that solves merge conflicts in pull requests without manual intervention


Automatically detect known vulnerabilities in your dependencies whenever you push code

Coding Rooms

The first virtual classroom for teaching programming


A Fast Search and Replace Tool For Your Projects


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