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automate your pull request workflow

Size Plugin

A Github bot for size-plugin


Deploy your code using GitHub API's. Automatic deployments, PR deployments and integrations for any service


Use commits mapped to Atlassian Jira projects as additional metadata source for the Quantify

PullApprove - Code review workflows for teams

Use powerful controls to design a review process that meets your internal requirements and automatically requests reviewers

Merge when green

Automatically merge pull requests when all tests have passed

Check TODO

Checks for any added or modified TODO items in a Pull Request


Your Code, Your Rules - Automate code refactors and reviews with your own best practices


Create new issues from actionable comments in your code

Continuous Fuzzing for C/C++/Java/Golang/Rust and Swift integrated with your current CI/CD workflow

Typo CI

Fix typos and spelling mistakes before merging

Asana-GitHub Sync

Build two-way workflows across GitHub and Asana. Sync and filter projects, repos, issues, tasks, comments, assignees and more

SCANOSS detects undeclared OSS components in your commits


Team leader board and statistics on code contributions, PRs, code reviews, closing issues, and project managment

Turns TODO puzzles in your source code into GitHub issues and monitors them


Report unit tests and build logs to github with annotations

GitHub chatbot to merge, deploy, and release your repositories

Auto Badge

Automatically label your pull requests

Nightfall Radar

Detect credentials and secrets in GitHub repos via machine learning. Formerly known as Watchtower Radar


Stateless and OpenSource client-side Agile analytics and reporting over GitHub issues across organizations and repositories


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