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GitHub is home to all kinds of software projects, from simple programs to today’s most popular apps.

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Say “hello” to a community of millions of developers worldwide. You’ll find endless opportunities to learn, code, and create.

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Follow friends or developers you admire to learn what they are working on.

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Watch projects to see how the community builds open source technologies.

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Share your project so others can use it or to get feedback from the GitHub community.

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Collaborate with other developers across unlimited public and private repositories.

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You can save every version of your code, so you are free to experiment without losing your work.

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Once your code is on GitHub, you can invite others to join in with a link or an @mention.

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Collaborate with other developers in public, or invite them to join you in unlimited private repositories.

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Start simple—or get advanced code review and collaboration tools with GitHub Pro.


GitHub basics for
every developer

  • Unlimited repositories
  • 3 collaborators/private repository
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  • 500MB of GitHub Packages storage
  • Automated security updates

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  • Everything included in Free
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  • Code owners

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