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Claus Vium

Copenhagen, Denmark

I'm a backend C#/Python developer mainly working on bug fixes, performance improvements, code cleanup and modernizing existing code. My passion projects are Jellyfin and Flexget.

Most of my work on Jellyfin revolves around making the server code fast and maintainable. My aim is to supercharge the API to make the frontends capable of delivering a seamless and responsive experience.

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I'll know my work provides value to people!


Featured work

  1. jellyfin/jellyfin

    The Free Software Media System

  2. Flexget/Flexget

    The official FlexGet repository

    Python 1,309
  3. jellyfin/jellyfin-web

    Web Client for Jellyfin

    JavaScript 577
  4. jellyfin/jellyfin-chromecast

    Chromecast Client for Jellyfin

    TypeScript 42

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