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3D modeling uses specialized software to create a digital model of a physical object. It is an aspect of 3D computer graphics, used for video games, 3D printing, and VR, among other applications.

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thw0rted commented Jan 30, 2020

Sandcastle example: open any basic shape (e.g. Rectangle) and try to set an outlineWidth, or search "outlineWidth" on this tracker and read any of a bunch of existing issues, starting with #40 (!)

Browser: any

Operating System: Windows only, apparently

Since the very beginning of Cesium, people have been trying to use the outlineWidth property on EllipseGraphics, RectangleGraphics, Po

domlysz commented Mar 11, 2020

Please respect the following template to report a new issue, otherwise your issue will be automatically closed.

Before submitting, search through existing open or closed issues reports and through to check whether the issue already exists.

If the issue concerns an operator that grab geodata from an external web service (Basemaps, OSM, SRTM), then it can be a network

zartan9 commented Dec 25, 2020

hi im amazed at all the features of armory! figuring out level loading (through all your support), now saving... I looked around a bit, but cant find a working way to load game levels (scenes) if there is a link to it please let me know , also would it work for all export options (mobile/desktop etc). Thanks happy holidays