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jespunya commented Jun 29, 2020

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The sections Testing for Local File Inclusion & Testing for Remote File Inclusion address two attack vectors that are very similar one to the other. Given this situation and the few documentation on the Remote injection one, my proposal would be to merge both in a single section called Testing for File Injection.

Janusec Application Gateway, Provides Fast and Secure Application Delivery (Authentication, WAF/CC, HTTPS and ACME automatic certificates). JANUSEC应用网关,提供快速、安全的应用交付(身份认证, WAF/CC, HTTPS以及ACME自动证书)。

  • Updated Jul 19, 2021
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Some of the questions which i was asked when i was giving interviews for Application/Product Security roles. I am sure this is not an exhaustive list but i felt these questions were important to be asked and some were challenging to answer

  • Updated Aug 7, 2020

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