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averelon commented Aug 7, 2020

The uncompensated temperature of the BMP180 is incorrectly converted to a 16-bit signed value, instead of a 32-bit signed value (long). Since the data is 16-bits wide and can therefore not be negative, the easy fix would be to do the following:

sip.js(1128): uncompensated = uint16(data[0], data[1]);

Please see page 15 of the manual of the BMP180 chip:

GTANAdam commented Apr 27, 2020

It seems that tinygo doesn't not support MIPS based embedded devices out of the box, although LLVM does support the following:

    mips       - MIPS (32-bit big endian)
    mips64     - MIPS (64-bit big endian)
    mips64el   - MIPS (64-bit little endian)
    mipsel     - MIPS (32-bit little endian)

My intent is to execute the tinygo compiled binary within a mipsel linux box, no

wimmatthijs commented Dec 5, 2020

In the advanced example radio buttons are used with HTML injection.
It seems to be impossible to get the labels and the radioboxes well alligned?
I've tried in-line css but to no avail, the alignement of the radiobuttons stays central, even with or without the label.
Anybody know where to look for in order to get this working properly?
Where is the CSS used in this project?

kittaakos commented Dec 10, 2019

Bug Report

This happened on Windows with the Pro IDE. This is all I can see in the logs:

root ERROR Uncaught Exception:  Error: 2 UNKNOWN: error getting port list from serial-discovery: read |0: The handle is invalid.
root ERROR Error: 2 UNKNOWN: error getting port list from serial-discovery: read |0: The handle is invalid.
    at Object.callErrorFromStatus (c:\Users\kittaakos\Desktop\

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