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Content Management System

A content management system (CMS) is a piece of software which provides website authoring, collaboration, and administration tools that help users with little knowledge of programming languages create and manage website content.

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hkovacs commented Jun 22, 2020

Describe the bug
Using xframe ALLOW-FROM throws error in console: Invalid 'X-Frame-Options' header encountered when loading '': 'ALLOW-FROM' is not a recognized directive. The header will be ignored.
instructions for xframe indicate `ALLOW-FR

JohnONolan commented Oct 15, 2021

Several site owners have complained about the language used in our transactional emails, which have a sign-off that reads:

The team at $site.title

This is a confusing message coming from solo-creators who have no team, and publish under their own name.

The sign-off is non-essential, so we'd like to just remove this line completely from the emails where it appears:


manlm commented Oct 17, 2021

I am using the default config.yml, when I change the name of the cover image field to "featureImage" like below:
- label: 'Cover Image' name: 'featureImage' widget: 'image' required: false tagname: ''

the preview feature show this error:
![Screen Shot 2021-10-17 at 22 53 46](

zenflow commented Jan 24, 2021


InlineImage component should have cursor: pointer style when CMS is enabled.
(Currently is only ever has the normal default cursor.)
The pointer cursor indicates to the user that clicking it will trigger some action.
In this case that action is opening a Media Manager dialog.


I did my first introduction/training of a TinaCMS application to a person, and

gcushen commented Feb 9, 2021

Publications in Wowchemy currently use Article JSON-LD rather than the more specific ScholarlyArticle structured data as ScholarlyArticle is not eligible for rich Google search results whereas Article is.

Article objects must be based on one of the following types: Article, NewsArticle, BlogPosting

However, use

Skrypt commented Oct 5, 2020

If you create an admin menu node in which you decide to display all content types and that you set a global icon to use on all of them it will display the icon only on the first content type item in that node. It should display the same icon for all the menu items.

The issue seems to be in the ContentTypesAdminNodeNavigationBuilder where it does GetIconClasses.


B3nito commented Nov 30, 2020

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

When you are a enduser and use an editor and plugin settings is filtering input then html is just stripping out of text.

Describe the solution you'd like

User should get notification that html was cleaning for plugin settings so better usability

Additional context

I have problem in custom fields that filter is enab

abea commented Sep 26, 2019

With apos-workflow enabled, the page reorganize modal's Trash rows (when you expand pages with children) isn't aligned to be clear about the relationship. If the Trash row is part of the "Service" page context (in the screenshot), it probably should be aligned with that page's children, possibly shaded red as the "true" trash at the bottom.


lesley-w commented Sep 28, 2020

A brief description of the issue goes here.

If a user creates a link using Multi Url Picker but does not include http or https in the url, the link renders the url as "siteurl" + "linkurl" e.g., which results in a broken link.

The url picker know that it is an external link, so should add http:// as a default if it has not been specified e.g. http://www