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Alex-duzhichao commented Nov 3, 2021

When deploying fabric in enterprise's intranet (without the ability to access internet), users maybe upload chaincode builder images and chaincode runtime images to a private docker registry which requires authentication when pulling images.
I think fabric can support this scenario by adding configuration in chaincode section of core.yaml, such as:

killme2008 commented Oct 15, 2020

非常感谢大家对 SOFAStack 开源的关注和支持,这是我们前进最大的动力。


  • 了解 SOFAStack 的使用场景以便更好的规划技术路线
  • 聆听社区的不同声音,让 SOFAStack 变得更好
  • 吸引更多的开源爱好者参与贡献,共同打造 SOFAStack


请按如下参考格式回复本 Issue 进行登记:


我们会定期同步信息至「Awesome SOFA」的用户列表中。



FISCO BCOS是由微众牵头的金链盟主导研发、对外开源、安全可控的企业级金融区块链底层技术平台。 单链配置下,性能TPS可达万级。提供群组架构、并行计算、分布式存储、可插拔的共识机制、隐私保护算法、支持全链路国密算法等诸多特性。 经过多个机构、多个应用,长时间在生产环境中的实践检验,具备金融级的高性能、高可用性及高安全性。FISCO BCOS is a secure and reliable financial-grade open-source blockchain platform. The platform provides rich features including group architecture, cross-chain communication protocols, pluggable consensus mechanisms, privacy protection algorithms, OSCCA-approved (Office of State Commercial Cryptography Administration) cryptography algorithms, and distributed storage. Its performance, usability, and security have been testified by many institutional users and successful business applications in a live production environment.

  • Updated Jan 26, 2022
  • C++
thedodd commented Aug 17, 2020

Here is a rough idea of what this test should do:

  • It should be quite similar to the other tests which are currently in place.
  • It should isolate a follower node, write a data to the cluster which will cause that node to fall behind into lagging state, but not into snapshotting state.
  • It should then spawn a task which will continue to write data to the cluster.
  • Just after it is spawne

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