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Continuous integration

Automatically build and test your code as you push it upstream, preventing bugs from being deployed to production. A complementary practice to CI is that before submitting work, each programmer must do a complete build and run (and pass) all unit tests. Integration tests are usually run automatically on a CI server when it detects a new commit.

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vito commented Feb 3, 2021


#6369 tracks the user who created the build (either manual trigger or rerun) and also tweaked the api/v1/user endpoint to contain a new display_user_id field. The new field should be used to show the user in the top bar, since it reflects the same value that Concourse tracks as the build creator.

We should be able to replace [this function](

msvticket commented Nov 2, 2018


When creating docker images for Java applications in the current setup in Jenkins-X the application and all dependencies are all placed in one jar file, meaning it will be in one layer in the docker image.

This means that when new versions of the application are created the unchanged dependencies can't be reused.

It would be a great enhancement if the application code where p


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