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glacambre commented Sep 17, 2020

It is currently expected that UIs will figure out when to hide msg_history_show messages by themselves.

I think this is bad for two reasons:

  • It makes UIs less similar, increasing the number of things to learn when going from one UI to another.
  • It makes UIs different from the TUI, which offers a press ENTER prompt when the time to hide msg_history_show messages has come.

After [di

manniL commented Sep 1, 2019

Related PR: #6331
Suggested by @pimlie

When trailing slash handling is enforced (in any manner), it'd be great to have two things for improved DX:

Nuxt Link adaption

No matter how you input the links in your Nuxt link (be it as an object via named routes or via string), the component should enforce the set up trailing slash handling (adding or removing the slashes as needed).


sam-pires commented Dec 4, 2020

Bug report

Describe the bug

There is an extra space in the French wording in the modal to add a single unilateral relation in the CTB. But I also wonder if the wording is actually correct: for the 2 first relationship types we use "[CT1] a un [CT2]".

See video:

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. In dev env, Go to

Created by DigitalOcean and GitHub

Released October 2014

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