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MongoDB is an open source NoSQL document-oriented database. MongoDB allows flexible schema representation instead of relying on fixed tables and columns. It supports full indexing, query, aggregation, tunable consistency and durability levels, and linear horizontal scaling through sharding.

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binary64 commented Aug 2, 2021

Bug description

On windows, I run prisma format and note the unusual file ending. The lines are all LF, but the very last line is CRLF.

This causes issue on my Linux CI where it formats it ending in LF's only, causing a diff to occur and the build to fail.

How to reproduce

  1. On windows do prisma format
  2. Open in HxD or similar
  3. See attached:


This is a code repository for the Udacity Clone. In this application, We developed the Udacity clone application. This website offers massive open online courses, focuses more on vocational courses for professionals. Cloning the Udacity website was challenging yet rewarding, we got to implement all the things that we learned to build a real-world application.

  • Updated Dec 3, 2021
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