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jasonkuhrt commented Feb 6, 2021

I am intentionally making this issue specific but I assume it could be expanded to include much more of the API.


I do not have the entire Prisma Client API perfectly (let alone roughly) committed to memory.

When I go to use it to query for many results the operations tell me nothing about what and why they will do. I only have types to work with.

I don't want to open my br

dawid-nowak commented Nov 29, 2020

Is it supported at the moment to have 'serialize_as' and 'deserialize_as' on the single field in the sturcture as shown below?

#[derive(Identifiable, Queryable, PartialEq, Debug, Serialize, Deserialize, Insertable)]
#[table_name = "blah"]
pub struct Data {

    #[diesel(serialize_as = "SensitiveStringSerializer")]   
    #[diesel(deserialize_as = "SensitiveStringDeserializer")]

videni commented Sep 29, 2019

what is prefer way to add relation and remove relation? I found example as below, but I did't find any document about the two methods.

        Book.withId(action.payload.bookId).authors.add(;  // add new entity ,  add relation?  this doesn't work.

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