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shifujun commented Jan 20, 2021

Just sharing 😄

Install tools:

brew install geekbench
brew install w3m

Run benchmark, must have internet for Geekbench 5 tryout mode:


Use w3m get result in terminal:

w3m -dump

One line can be:

w3m -dump $(/Applications/Geekbench\
davuthdv commented Jun 27, 2020

Please add video length on the video thumbnail just like the official Developer app from Apple.

Right now, I can see the length if I click to go to detail screen, but I would have to do it one by one. It would be great to see the length of each video in a glance so that if i have like 15 minutes, I know which one I can watch.

fyodor commented Mar 16, 2021

Right now, whenever Zenmap crashes, it gives the user a stack trace and asks the user to send it to the Nmap dev list. So we get a flood of emails (most of which aren't even allowed through moderation) which often contain just a stack trace with no subject line or any explanatory text in the message body. Lots of these are for well known issues in older versions of Zenmap. So it's not very usef

r0x0r commented Jun 22, 2019

I have analyzed video problems and below is the summary. All tested with examples/ from the pywebview-3 branch.


  • CEF / MSHTML / EdgeHTML. No problems with either. CEF supports only WebM and Ogg out of the box (MP4 not supported).


  • Only video frame is displayed, video not playing. Youtube works fine. There are a bunch of flags related to media in WKWeb

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